AS9100 REV D & ISO 9001: 2015 CERTIFIED


Here at Optimuz Manufacturing we are constantly striving and evolving to deliver high quality, low cost, and timely products. Our search for the latest program information, research, and technology is never ending. Advance is a machine driving forward and we are firmly in the driver’s seat. When it comes to creating our products we don’t want to come away with more questions, just answers. Timeliness can only be achieved when grasps are firm and information is solid. That is why we rigorously test and evaluate all our products to the latest safety standards.

Technology & Capabilities

    Portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) – FARO 3D-ARM
    Cadcam – Verisurf
    High-speed 3 – 4 Axis Machining & 5-Axis Trunnion.
    Hog outs , Extrusions , Sheet Metals
    T-clips, Stringers, Spars, Ribs , Castings , Forgings
    Aluminum , Copper, Stl Steel, Titanium , Inconel , 17-4 & Alloy steels machining, Etc.
    Plastics , Nylon , Phenolics, Alro Prolab Material.


Each quarter, our technology, inventory, and process is evaluated to make sure the demands of our customers is always met. We have found that being our toughest critic is the only way to assure that our quality is worthy of our name.


Our entire team shares a single vision to maintain the highest standards in safety and security. This extends to the parts we make and the way we make them. Quality starts with safety in manufacturing and ends when we have manufactured to the highest safety standard.